“Candy shower”, aviation championship and the 100th anniversary of Icelandic aviation. “Allt sem flýgur 2019”

The biggest general aviation festival was held in Hella, the town and aerodrome in the middle of the southern valley of Iceland. Flugblogger discovered how private pilots celebrated the 100th anniversary of Icelandic aviation and learned details about the Icelandic… Continue Reading →

Take-off from the garage. How Icelanders come together around home-built aircraft simulator

Aviation enthusiasts organized the first meeting in Reykjavik for simmers, who share an interest in flying in virtual reality. The place for the event was a garage, where is a home-built copy of Beechcraft King Air B200 cockpit located. Their… Continue Reading →

Cargolux CEO about Iceland, ageing Boeing 747-8F and flying whales

In the middle of June, the cargo airline from Luxembourg has performed a unique delivery to Iceland. Flugblogger met the aircraft in the airport and after asked CEO of Cargolux Airlines Richard Forson about the company and whales. The story… Continue Reading →

How Atlantsflug shrugs off tourism decrease with rotary-wing

Icelandic airline, which offers sightseeing flights on the south-east of Iceland, has extended its service with its first helicopter. Atlantsflug’s CEO Jón Grétar Sigurðsson said, obtaining a helicopter was a long-time goal. Flugblogger asked him, how the rotary-wing will change… Continue Reading →

How D-Day Squadron lands in Iceland

The air convoy of piston-engined military transports C-47s, as well as civilian DC-3s, has travelled through Iceland on their way to Normandy. Dozens of planes are going to land hundreds of paratroopers. The way it was in 1944 was exactly… Continue Reading →

Swedish air balloon, Dutch PBY Catalina and the 100th anniversary of Icelandic aviation. Reykjavik Airshow 2019

The annual Reykjavik Airshow this year was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Icelandic aviation. The flight program was supplemented by air balloon and PBY Catalina. Each of them has his own “Icelandic” story. Flugblogger has visited the Reykjavik airport… Continue Reading →

“Secret passengers” on the shortest regular flight in Iceland

Aviation in Iceland is an essential way to reach a destination, where your trip by car would take many hours due to the hilly landscape. But what if there is a destination, where you can’t drive, because it is just… Continue Reading →

How WOW air bankruptcy affects Isavia’s strategy for Keflavik airport

Isavia has reported rocketing profit after the financial year 2018 thanks to the tremendous growth of passenger’s traffic. The airport operator established a masterplan for urgent adaptation old terminal to the rapid operations increase. Flugblogger discovered the details of their… Continue Reading →

Iceland is not WOW anymore

The major Icelandic airline has ceased operations next morning after the declaration of its salvation. Low-cost WOW air was an important source of tourists for the Icelandic economy. The bankruptcy of the company means that up to 1% of the… Continue Reading →

Final callouts for WOW air: 22-26 March

Since Friday evening 22. March, WOW air is urgently looking for a financial source to keep flying. After cancelling negotiations with Indigo Partners and a refusal of Icelandair group, the Icelandic low-cost airline descending via final approach trajectory the decision… Continue Reading →

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