Arrival of the new aircraft was announced for 5th of March, but it has delivered two days earlier. This is firs Boeing 737 MAX8 in Iceland. It got registration TF-ICE and will fly in Icelandair. Here is photos and video of arrival.


Boeing 737 MAX8 was spotted on Flightradar24 around 40 minutes before the arrival to Keflavik.

First Boeing 737MAX8 reg. TF-ICE for Icelandair arriving to Iceland // Source: Flightradar24

After arrival it was filmed by several people:

Boeing 737 MAX8 reg. TF-ICE of Icelandair first time in Keflavik // Source: Ragnar Þór

Boeing 737 MAX8 of Icelandair first time in Keflavik // Source: Hilmar Þór Ævarsson

The video of taxiing to stand 63 in Keflavik:


// Update 4.March //

At the morning of the next day new photos of interior and exterior has arrived. Look on first icelandic Boeing 737 MAX in day light here:

First Boeing 737 MAX TF-ICE Icelandair in Keflavik // Source: Kristófer Viktor Karlsson

Photos are clickable:

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